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Build a legendary business - but not by yourself. Get advice, counsel, encouragement (and an occasional kick in the butt) from your fellow Legends & Rogues.

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“Robert Stover is an imaginative strategic thinker that has conceived several major breakthroughs critical to our success. …has grown from a small product generating just $14,000 a month to a promising organization with over $300,000 a month in sales; it is on track to hit $4.5M this year.”


“When I’m stumped I call Robert Stover. He's been one of my secret weapons for over 25 years! He's come up with new ideas and helped me improve my own ideas. His thoughts, advice and concepts have shaped the way I consult with (and grow) my own clients. He’s even shared strategies which spun off entire companies I’ve sold.”


"In a short thirty-minute conversation, Robert Stover clarified my passion and took it to a razor-sharp focus. He refined my target audience and confirmed, with research, a fundamental pain these people experience. He then encouraged me that my work answers that primary need. I am blown away. He turned the complicated into simple."





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